cropped-LKS-Header-Wood.jpegWelcome to Low Key Surfboards!

Boards shaped by Neil Hamilton – a local Indialantic, FL guy.

Surfboards. Neil has designed a method of creating beautiful works of art – and yes, they are meant to be surfed. Surfboards are available in Modern Foam and Old School Hollow Cedar.  All Low Key Surfboards foam boards are 100% epoxy making them strong, light, buoyant and responsive. Construction for wood boards start with each cedar strip being sorted by color & texture, then matched to create unique patterns. Some boards have separate inlay designs which are set into the surface of the board. Other boards have a decor wood burned in place on the surface.

SUPs (Stand Up Paddleboards). SUPs are available in 2 designs – 100% Epoxy Foam Boards and Old School Hollow Cedar Boards.

Paddles. SUP paddles are hand crafted and meticulously designed. Premium wood and fiberglass finish provides strong, yet extra light weight paddles. These make beautiful nautical artwork to display in the home, yet are constructed to be functional out on the waters.

Skateboards. Every board uniquely displays a design on each side. Cabinet grade plywood is shaped into a longboard form with plenty of artistic leeway. Wood, fabric, paint and 3D mediums are used for one of a kind creative effects. These are NOT your standard skateboards!

Low Key Gear. We know that you need gear to travel with. Stop by our store for the latest Low Key Gear! We have hats, T-shirts, backpacks and more.

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