Motorcycling + Surfing = Motorcycle Surfing.

Robbie Maddison: surfing Killers, in Todos Santos, Mexico | Photo: Vice Sports

“I don’t know what it is about me that draws me to risk my life. We’ve come so far in the development of the bike, so I wanted to push the boundaries ever further.”

Robbie Maddison has been up and riding for 30 years but, lately, he is making a career for himself in motorcycle surfing. After taking his bike to Teahupoo, the Australian embarked on a dangerous Mexican challenge.

We learned from his previous stunt that Maddison designed the skis himself. A lot of people said it couldn’t be done, but he made it a reality. And now here he is – ready for another impossible mission on the island of Todos Santos.  (Surfer Today, April 13, 2017).

Original Pipe Dream Video

Watch this unbelieveable YouTube video of the original pipe dream event. It is absolutely unbelieveable!!!