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Haunted Heats Surf Costume Contest October 28, 2017

Haunted Heats Surf Costume Contest October 28, 2017

Central FL Eastern Surfing Association Presents “Haunted Heats” of the 2017 Season.

Saturday October 28, 2017 at Paradise Beach Park. Come have fun and earn valuable ranking points for qualifications for Easterns!

Wear your Halloween costume.  Prizes for Best Costume$50 for Hot Wave of the competition!!!

Registration deadline Wednesday October 25, 2017

Register HERE.

Need of a new board for this event? Low Key Surfboards are scary cool, hauntingly good quality and frighteningly well priced boards.  Choose from our inventory or have one custom shaped by Neil Hamilton at Low Key Surfboards.  Check us out! #lowkeysurfboards







Surf for College Credit at FIT

surf for college credit at FITSurf for college credit at FIT! Wow, how cool is that?! Check out this recent article in the Orlando Sentinel…

MELBOURNE — The Florida Institute of Technology would like to encourage Ocean Engineering students to surf for college credit.

This semester for the first time ever Florida Tech students could enroll in Surf Engineering Analysis. The course description for OCE 4592 states that this course focuses on the physics of waves in the surf zone. Basically, the students design a field experiment on their own to collect data about force balances, buoyancy and hydrodynamic drag.

Robert Weaver is the associate professor of ocean engineering at Florida Tech and the mind behind this innovative class.

“This class provides a casual environment designed to get students comfortable and excited about basic physics concepts and other STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) subjects,” said Weaver.

The class of two sophomores, three graduate students and one dual-enrolled high school senior meets at Ocean Avenue in Melbourne Beach every other Monday morning. Bikinis and board shorts are perfectly proper attire.

I joined Weaver and his class one Monday morning for what can only be described as the coolest college class that I have ever attended in my life.

As I walked onto the beach, I found gathering of people listening intently to a series of instructions from their professor. A couple of guys carried a raft with two pressure gauges attached to cinder blocks across the beach and then swam them out past the surf zone at the beginning of class. These were placed on the ocean floor 100 feet apart, and are marked on the surface by an orange raft and buoy.

“These measure the height and steepness of the waves” said Andrew Sanger, 20, as we swam out past the breakers together.

Students have an arsenal of tools and gadgets at their disposal for data collection. Among the “school supplies:” two customized surfboards (shaped exclusively for the program by legendary Space Coast surfboard shaper George Robinson) with special cutout boxes for measurement instruments. Surf apparel giant Rip Curl also provided four of their specialty GPS surf watches at cost for the class. These watches retail at almost $400 each.

“We have received a lot of support from the local and national surfing community” said Weaver. “The Longboard House in Indialantic has provided us with a ton of equipment and support. George Robinson shaped the boards for us, and will also shape three new boards in varying sizes for us to add to the quiver for next semester.”

George Robinson’s son Christian, 17, who is dual-enrolled at Eau Gallie High School and FIT, is a student in Weaver’s class.

Once the pressure gauges are deployed, the students take turns surfing. Because the measurement instruments are embedded inside the surfboards, this is the best way to gather movement-based data on top of the waves. Students have several duties during the field work. Two are in the water surfing. They are joined by two students swimming in the surf zone using GoPro cameras to video each wave ride for later review. There are a few students on the beach collecting data, taking pictures and video, and tracking the students in the water for optimal safety.

Any student who wishes to get in the water throughout the course has to pass a hefty swim test at the onset. This is not a course designed to teach people how to surf or swim.

Weaver is himself a surfer. He fell in love with the sport while studying at the University of North Carolina’s Institute for Marine Sciences on the Outer Banks. He has been riding a longboard for about eight years and is completely hooked on the sport.

“Ocean engineering has one of the highest graduate incomes of any of the engineering disciplines, and the added bonus of always being near the ocean for your job,” Weaver said as he floated, straddling a borrowed longboard. “I’m hoping that this class and this program can help play a role in dismantling the old surfer stigma that associates surfers with being aimless beach bums. Most fully-invested surfers are at least part scientist these days.”

With a surfing-focused science class making its debut in the Florida Tech course catalog, I’d say that shift in the perception of surfers is well underway.
Copyright © 2015, Orlando Sentinel

Indialantic Surf Conditions Good for SUPs

Indialantic Surf Conditions Good for SUPs  according to Low Key Surfboards this morning.
It’s great living near Florida surfing spots like Indialantic, Indian Harbor Beach, Satellite Beach, Melbourne Beach & Cocoa Beach. Even if the waves aren’t in perfect sets, there’s plenty of fun to be had on the beach.  So what if the surf condition is 1-2 feet, knee to thigh high – it’s Stand Up Paddleboard time!  This morning is perfect for a meditative paddle or SUP Yoga.  Low Key Surfboards specializes in Stand Up Paddleboards catering to your individual needs. Our shapes are suited for the optimal ride and our art designs add that personal touch making each board unique.
If the day is breezy, Low Key Surfboards offers SUPs that can be sailed like a windsurfer.  With a little extra engineering, an additional fin box and a mast track – you can sail all day!
So when you hear Indialantic Surf Conditions Good for SUPs, get out there.  What are you waiting for?


Stand Up Paddle Boarding Conditions Great at Muffin Beach

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Conditions Great at Muffin Beach this morning.

Shaper Neil Hamilton was at the Low Key Surfboard shop bright and early this morning.  Meanwhile, his wife Pam and dog Sophie were checking out the surf.  Muffin Beach in Indialantic, FL had ideal surf conditions for our new Bantamweight Stand Up Paddle Board.  The Bantemweight made it’s first public appearance last weekend at the Melbourne Friday Fest. Thanks to all who came out to enjoy the event. The weather was ideal, turn out great and wonderful shopping opportunities from the vendors, local stores & restaurants.

The Bantamweight Stand Up Paddle Board is shaped to an 8′ x 28″ size and is perfect for kids or adults under 120 pounds. The sale price is an affordable $695.00. Here at Low Key Surfboards, we think kids should start stand up paddle boarding when they are young.  Why make them ride along with an adult or wait until they are big enough to handle their own board. Therefore, Neil has designed custom Stand Up Paddle Boards just for kids, teens and smaller framed adults.

Low Key Surfboards also has custom shaped surfboards, paddles and beach gear to check out at  Have an awesome day and may tomorrow’s report be – Stand Up Paddle Boarding Conditions Great at Muffin Beach or something just as incredible for living the surfing lifestyle!

Low Key Surfboards at Friday Fest Tonight!

Low Key Surfboards at Friday Fest Tonight.

Yep, we’ll be pitchin’ our tent tonight at the Downtown Melbourne Main Street Friday Fest.  Stop by our booth, say aloha and check out our goods.  Tonight we’ll be unveiling our newest board… the “BANTAMWEIGHT.”  This is a custom epoxy SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) with carbon fiber technology.  Shaped to an 8′ x 28″ size, the Bantamweight is perfect for kids or adults under 120 pounds.

Get out there and catch some waves this weekend.  We are so lucky to live here on the Space Coast where our own back yards offer Paradise Beach, Muffin Beach, Indialantic Beach, Sebastian Inlet, Satellite Beach, Cocoa Beach and so many more. Let’s face it – life is incredibly good and too darn short to be living without your own custom made Low Key Surfboard!

Low Key Surfboards at Friday Fest Tonight.  BE THERE!

Low Key Surfboards at Friday Fest

Low Key News

We’ve just opened our newest shop in Indian Harbour Beach, FL. We are so excited to be back in production of crafting the best Surfboards, SUPs, Paddles and Skateboards in the world. Neil Hamilton is both a craftsman and lover of surfing, those two passions combined created Low Key Surfboards and accessories.

If you are ever on the East Coast of Florida, contact us to get a tour of our newest facility and to start designing your new board!