Low Key Surfboards Recognizes American Sign Language Day

Low Key Surfboards Recognizes American Sign Language Day

Low Key Surfboards Recognizes American Sign Language Day.

Today is American Sign Language (ASL) Day. This language used by deaf communities emerged back in 1817 at the American School for the Deaf in Hartford, Connecticut. Since then, ASL has spread widely across America and other countries. It is known to many people and even offered as a second language course in colleges.


Why Low Key Surfboards Incorporates Sign Language in Company Logo.

Low Key Surfboards incorporates sign language into our logo by utilizing the hand signs which signify the letters “L” and “K” for the “Low Key” in Low Key Surfboards. The story behind the hand signs goes back a few years. In the 70’s, Low Key Surfboards shaper Neil Hamilton was surfing on Long Beach Island (LBI) in New Jersey. Yep, the location of the original Ron Jon Surf Shop.

Neil’s love for surfing and the beach lead him to his first summer job as a lifeguard at the Jersey Shore. Of course, teenagers on LBI were always hanging out at the beach soaking up the sun and riding waves. One kid in particular always seemed to hold back from the rest. As it turns out, he was deaf. He wasn’t able to verbally communicate, but he did know sign language. Soon the lifeguards and other guys on the beach were learning sign language that summer. It was great to see this kid become one of the gang as they all learned to communicate with each other.

No one knows what ever happened to that happy boy interested in rescue boats with dreams of being a lifeguard some day. However,the fond memories have always stayed with Neil. He decided to incorporate the hand signs into his Low Key Surfboards logo.

How can you celebrate American Sign Language Day?

Well, here’s a suggestion.  As you’re passing people along your way today, flash the Low Key Surfboards sign language hand sign.