Surfing Florida History 3 Minute Video

Surfing Florida History 3 Minute Video.

Surfing Florida History 3 Minute Video.
Here’s a history lesson you’ll enjoy, check out this YouTube Surfing Florida History 3 Minute Video.

Surfing in Florida was happening way back in 1930’s. It was the surfing movies & magazines of the 60’s that brought this scene to the masses for America. By 1965, Florida had it’s own surfing magazine. Shortly thereafter, surf teams and clubs began to pop up. Bill Feinberg opened Oceanside Surfshop in Cocoa Beach, FL and the Florida surf world was off and making history.

Short boards hit the scene next. Surfers began stripping down their longboards which created the beginning of a shaping boom. To this day, our Space Coast area of Florida is known for their amazingly skillful shapers.

Among these current day shapers is Neil Hamilton at Low Key Surfboards located right off Tomahawk in Indian Harbor Beach, FL.  If you’re looking for a new board, give us a call, we can set you up! Artistically designed EPS/Epoxy boards are hand shaped at Low Key Surfboards from start to finish right here in the USA!

In case you didn’t know, we are fortunate enough to have a local surf museum right in our back yard!  Yep, the Florida Surf Museum, located in Cocoa Beach, FL preserves and documents the unique history and culture of East Coast surfing. Check out their events, exhibits and programs about the history and traditions of the local surfing community.